Saturday, November 8, 2008


Halloween was a lot of fun this year! The kids had Halloween off, and so they all dressed up on Thursday for school. On Friday we had Josh & Julie Family, Mom & Dad, and Jay over for a little Halloween party. I made this yummy Chicken Veggie Soup that Diana made for Bunco. The kids got a lot more into Halloween this year! We went farther then they ever had before. Lindsey got a little tired before everyone else, but she didn’t stop. She did keep tripping over her Belle dress and that really got to her. But look how cute she is already doing the princess wave. Such a princess in training! Jonathan and Marissa were Monkeys together, and Gavin was a Ninja!The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins.
This was the first year that we let the kids’s clean out and cut their own pumpkins. They didn't even want our help drawing faces; it was all on their own. They turned out very cute! Take a look!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tooth & Pumpkins

I almost forgot! Marissa lost her first tooth while we were at Disneyland. Unfortunately we didn’t leave a note for the tooth fairy that we were on vacation, so she had to wait until we got home to put it under her pillow. It’s kind of funny because her and Gavin are missing the exact same tooth right now.

On Friday after returning from our trip to California we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. The kids were begging, and hoping we wouldn’t forget with our vacation. Gavin got the biggest pumpkin he could find. Lindsey wanted an even bigger one, but we convinced her to get a medium one. Jeff and I decided to get small ones, because we will now spend hours cleaning their pumpkins out. He! He! I even told Gavin we were going to have to start his an hour earlier then everyone else, just to get it ready in time.