Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Look I'm posting twice in one month, are you impressed? It has been a busy month! We just got back from our very first visit to Disneyland. The kids were so excited that they were bouncing off the walls for two weeks before we left, and Mom just barely made it though. Not only was it their first trip to Disneyland, but it was also there first time going on an airplane (Gavin's first time that he can remember). The day before we left Gavin decided to slam Marissa's head in this bedroom door, giving her a massive black eye and a huge headache for our trip. Look closely in our pics and you could see it, poor thing. So we packed all up and headed to California on Saturday. Upon arriving we discovered that we had left our Disneyland tickets sitting on the desk at home. Thankfully my brother Jay broke into our house and was able to get them to a friend who was flying out Monday for us. Big thanks to Jay! He saved us! Only had a slight heart attack with that one! Thank goodness we had already planned spending Sunday at Newport Beach, were the kids played it the waves, and we took a harbor cruise. On Monday Shelly was kind enough to come straight from the airport to give us our tickets and we were able to spend the rest of our time having an absolute blast in Disneyland. Gavin went from sun up to sundown for three straight days, and his favorite rides were Screaming California and Indiana Jones. Marissa just missed being able to ride Indiana Jones by and inch, and that was so sad for her. Her favorite rides were Splash Mountain and Star Tours. Lindsey really didn't like the rides that much, but we were able to get her on a few. She liked Soaring California and Nemo the most. Of course her favorite was the princess. We were lucky enough to have dinner with the Princesses on Tuesday night, and the kids were in heaven. It really was a very pleasant trip, and I now know why everyone loves Disneyland so much. I ready to go again, now if only I could convince Jeff!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Month has Gone By

I can't believe it has been another month since my last post. Times have been tough lately, everything a little emotional. My Aunt Sue passed away last week, rather quicker then we had expected. Poor Mom is taking it heard, not to mention she has been having some health problems herself. My sister June is also having some bad health problems, and then my poor brother Jay lost his job, got his car stolen and had to go to court all in one week. But our family is doing well.

Who is tired of the crappy elections? Man, could they make it any harder for us. I'be got a new one for president, check out this fun link out.

And who else thinks our economy is a mess! Poor Jeff is going to have a heart attack if we loose any more money.

So I need uplifting news! Any one got any?