Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OK so I know it's been awhile.... again! But I really did try to post twice, and the site went down and didn't publish them. We have also had problems with our computer, so it's been a lot of fun. A quick update. Took Lindsey into the heart doctor, she is healthy and don't well. I hosted Bunco this month and it went great. I ended up hosting it as Mindy's house, and that was nice. Christmas was great! Kids where a hoot! Gavin would throw his arms in the air and jump up and down with each present. Marissa would pretend faint, and Lindsey would get ready for her the camera before opening each present. We took Marissa in for her eye appointment and her eye has gotten a lot worse, so she is now wearing a patch. She is doing well with it. Gavin has been sick the last week. Ends up he has a phenomena, and has missed over a week of school now.
Oh yeah! I got called to the Primary Presidency and Jeff got called to Young Men's, so we have been really busy!