Monday, September 28, 2009


I realized I hadn't updated the family at all, so here it is.

I finished June’s pics and am now concentrating on the Festival of Trees and redecorating.
Jeff is working as hard as usual and is going to training soon.
Gavin is reading his heart out. He got into a special group at school, where they read even more then the rest of the students. He takes pride in that he is so smart. He is playing soccer.
Marissa has lot another tooth. She is not missing three at the same time and has another very loose one. She is loving dance and gymnastics, which is a big change from last year. She is also in Soccer and a great player.Lindsey is also going to dance and gymnastics, but hates that her teachers changed. She is playing her first year of soccer and to our amazement; our little princess is very aggressive on the soccer field. Saturday she scored her first two goals.

More Pics

And here are some more pics of the beautiful gardens June took me to while in Portland.

June's Pics

So I finally finished Junes pictures last week. So here is a sneek peek. I was very happy with how they turned out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sisters Weekend

I just got back from a fun weekend with June in Washington. She has flown me out the last few years to take their family pictures. Some years it has been quite an adventure, but this year was pretty relaxing. I'm working on the pictures now, so I don't have a sneak peek! Sorry June! I wouldn't let her see them before I left. But I will have to put some up soon.

Jeff was great and took a couple of days off to be a stay at home dad. He survived and the house was even clean when I walked in the door. He is amazing.
The kids are busy with soccer, dance and gymnastics right now. I only have dance and gymnastics on Wednesdays this year, so it is really nice.