Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Month has Gone By

I can't believe it has been another month since my last post. Times have been tough lately, everything a little emotional. My Aunt Sue passed away last week, rather quicker then we had expected. Poor Mom is taking it heard, not to mention she has been having some health problems herself. My sister June is also having some bad health problems, and then my poor brother Jay lost his job, got his car stolen and had to go to court all in one week. But our family is doing well.

Who is tired of the crappy elections? Man, could they make it any harder for us. I'be got a new one for president, check out this fun link out.

And who else thinks our economy is a mess! Poor Jeff is going to have a heart attack if we loose any more money.

So I need uplifting news! Any one got any?


Julie said...

We got an offer on our house....does that help?

Melbell said...

Sorry to hear about the tough times Jess...hang in there!

Jasmine said...

We are getting our loan for our house!!! Is that good and upifting news? Also I have a job interview at costco and it pays great money and good benefits! Now that Matt's hours have been cut back 32 hours because of the Boeing strike.

Cody & Brittney Long said...

How are you! Tasha's mom told me about everyone having a blog, and I wanted to say hi and see how you were. I haven't seen you forever! You're gorgeous as always! Talk to you soon!