Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Break

For spring break this year we headed to St George for some fun in the sun. We went with the Evans clan, and rented two houses to fit us all. The houses were really nice, but our house didn't have any blinds! Can you believe it! We ended up buying tape and hanging up sheets, it all worked out. The kids had a blast playing in the pool and Marissa played so hard she even fell asleep in the pool. It was so funny! We also had a great time hiking Snow Canyon, playing at the park and eating at In and Out (Marissa's new favorite place to eat).


Melbell said...

Oh how fun - love the family pic! Don't tell my kids - we went miniature golfing at cherry hill - ha ha

Nick and Jessica Gray said...

Adorable Picture! I love the photo! Jessica Evans

I was busy online googling somefriends blogger and decided I wasn't getting anywhere, so I entered my own name. LOL.. Then I found your blog and your lovbe for photography. DITTO! I love it. Anyways.. Just though I would drop by, check out your blog. My blog is at Life.:) Hope to talk possible get to know you