Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mission Reunion

Jeff and I attended Jeff's mission reunion this weekend. Jeff served in Southern France under Elder Anderson (of the 12, since last conference). It was held down in Draper and we hit major traffic on the way down. We had planned on being a half hour early and then ended up being almost a half hour late. Jeff really admires Elder Anderson, and it was great to see him talk. Jeff was able to see a few friends and really had a good time. It's very admirable of Elder Anderson to take the time to see these men on his very busy schedule. He is a good man.

We then enjoyed listening to as much of conference as possible with three kids. I made caramel corn to keep their hands and mouths busy for a while, and was happy it worked.

One last note to my neighbor Wendy! I love you! And Dave is in our prayers!

One of Jeff's buddys posted this pic on facebook, so I thought I would add it on :)

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