Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dinner with Dad

Marissa is very inquisitive. She is always asking questions that are some times hard to answer. This morning she came and asked me if she had dance or gymnastics. I told her no, and she asked if any one else did. I said no, and then she asked if we had anything going on tonight. Again I said no, wondering what she was interested in. And then she asked if we could go to daddy's work and have dinner. She had me cornered there! How was I supposed to say no? She called daddy and sure enough we are heading to Salt Lake for dinner.

I completed these invites for Gavin’s Birthday party. He wanted to go to the planetarium, which severally limited how many people we were able to invite. But he loves, loves, LOVES space, and so this is perfect for him. I thought it was pretty cute.


Tasha said...

You are SO talented! Those turned out way cute!

Melbell said...

Love the invite - and Dinner with Dad is the sweetest story ever!!!