Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeff's Bday

This weekend we celebrated Jeff's Birthday, 39... can you believe. He has such a baby face. We ate at the chips and salsa place- aka Chaparrios in Ogden. We don't get to eat there often so it was a nice treat! Jeff then got to go play Hockey, what better way to celebrate.

I know my blog is pretty bad, but I'm going to make a goal to blog more. I saw this cute site where you can actually print your blog out into a book. It's like having your own journal. So I’m going to try it. Now I just have to find that site again.

I’ve also been working hard on Gavin’s birthday and baptism invites. I’ll post pics soon.


Julie said...

I know that site. Remind me and I'll give it to you. It's the reason I blog too.

Melbell said...

You'll have to post when you find out that site Jess, sounds great!